Abstract preparation guidelines

An abstract in a scientific journal appears to be a source of information about contents of an article
and results described in it. Generally the abstract is required to be informative and original.
The volume of the abstract should be 100 to 250 words on average. The abstract is to have clear structure; the statement of the material is to follow the logics of results description in the article. The text should be concise and clear, free of secondary information, featuring wording convincingness.

The abstract implements the following functions:
- enables to determine the general contents of the document and its relevance, as well as to decide whether to address the full text of the document;
- gives the information about the document and removes the need to read the full text of the document in case the document is of minor interest for a reader;
- is used in informational and automatic document and data searching systems.

Abstract structure

Subject, topic, objective
Subject, topic and objective are specified in case they are not clear in the name of the article.

Method or work methodology
It is reasonable to describe a method or work methodology if it features novelty or appears to be interesting in terms of the certain work. The abstract describing experimental work includes data sources and types of data processing.

Work results and fields of its application
The results are described utmost precisely and informatively. The authors adduce general theoretical and experimental results, actual data, discovered interrelations and regularities. The preference is given to new results and data of long-term significance, important discoveries, conclusions disproving the existing theories, as well as data of practical importance according to author’s vision.

Conclusions may be added by recommendations, estimations, suggestions, hypotheses, described in the article. The sequence of article contents recount may be reversed by beginning with work results and conclusions. Information specified in the name of the article should not be repeated in the text of the abstract. It is advisable to avoid excessive introductory phrases and generalizations. Historical reference, with exception of ones being the main contents of the article, description of previously published works and common rules are not adduced in the abstract. The abstract text should consist of phrases typical for scientific and technical documents, avoiding complex grammatical constructions (unsuitable for scientific English language).

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